Fund Administration Software

When fund management becomes enjoyable.

Give your PE or VC fund the tools to account, administer and report to your investors.

Give your fund Fundwave. No spreadsheets. No errors. No problem.

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Out of the Box compatibility with major standards and guidelines

Why Fundwave?


Simplify Allocations
No more complicated allocation keys. Simply enter excused investors for each asset once and let allocations happen instantly.

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Capital Notices to Investors
Make capital calls and distributions effortlessly, with Fundwave handling all the allocations and report generation in minutes.

Fund Accounting

Auto generate Journals
All journals are automatically generated. For instance, when issuing a capital call notice, the associated journal entries are auto-generated, requiring no additional work.

Enterprise Controls

Process Workflows
Integrated workflow and 4 eyes check for all transactions, notices and reports.

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