We empower funds

Fund managers – managing crowdfunds, venture funds, private equity funds – are our heroes. Our products help fund managers stay focused on building the next great start-up or spin the wheels faster at a blue chip.

Who we are

Say hi to the fun loving people that make up Fundwave. We are geeks, dreamers and enthusiasts who have the passion to start a change – by building awesome products together.


From the youngest fund managers to third party fund administrators, our products are loved by those who are not afraid to be at the forefront.

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Your career here

Building the most awesome fund management solution is just one of the perks. With friendly customers and an entrepreneurial culture, we are just the team you’re looking to join.

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Our Values

Earn Customer Respect

When customers thrive, so do we! Everything we do will have the customer’s interest as the foundation!

Open Company

We embrace transparency. All information is publicly available. We have nothing to hide to ourselves, our employees and our customers.

Create Magic

Incremental isn’t good enough! When we wake up, we know we’re taking another step in creating a better world.


We’re a part of one ecosystem and we believe in the greater cause over our personal interest.