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The Single Source of Truth

Manage your portfolio updates with the Fundwave Requests Overview.

Create requests, send reminders and collect regular updates from all your companies, from a single dashboard.

Stay in loop.

Collect portfolio metrics, files and text updates seamlessly.

Communicate better with your portfolio companies by collecting what you want, when you want.

Your portfolio CFO’s will thank you for it.



Meet the new Fundwave Portfolio Management Platform.

A new way to collect, create and share.

Built for the modern manager. Built for you.

What’s new?

New Features

Stay tuned for stunning updates.


Select from a range of sample metrics or create your own metrics to analyze the performance of your portfolio companies.

Manage Metrics

Portfolio Company Updates

Have you ever felt the need of an organized way to record everything important related to your portfolio companies? Say, a competitor raised a new round or that the company has decided to step on the sales. There’s great news if you did, because our new Portfolio Updates help you with just that.

Update Page

You could use it like an internal wall to discuss an exit strategy or market update, and walk in to a board meeting better equipped. Or pull the important updates on a report that you send to your investors. Or do both.

Check it out on your Fundwave instance by choosing Updates on the menu.

Portfolio Metrics Add-in for Excel

Help your portfolio companies report smarter with our Portfolio Management Software. Instead of manually entering portfolio metrics on a web browser, your portfolio companies can directly submit their metrics from their spreadsheets using our Portfolio Metrics Add-in for Excel. Finally, you can spend less time collecting data and give more time to analysis of your data.

Portfolio Metrics

Get it from the Microsoft office store.

Tasks for Portfolio Companies

Schedule and assign your portfolio companies to submit their key metrics or files through Fundwave.

Edit Submission

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